Moving Out and Moving On

I’ve been thinking recently about how next year is going to be my last year of college. How, (hopefully) after I graduate I’ll be out of Bluffton. How everyone I know here is going to stay here and how maybe that’s for the best. I’ve been thinking about the people, friends, professors, university staff that’s been there for me. Always constant, always there when I need them and how when I think about it, they’ve been few and far between.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the staff and professors at my university have always been willing to sit and chat or email and give me advice and listen to my problems. I have no qualms with them. I guess this mainly talking about friends and how my really true constant is miles away in the midwest while I’m here on the south east coast and yet he’s always been there and how the people closest to me haven’t really. They do things without me, they don’t come to me with problems, and I’m not really involved in their lives and it’s not like I don’t have the time to be, I’m just not. They’ve all got their people and I’m not one of them.

So, when I graduate next year, I’m going to be sad because I’m leaving a lot of great professors and my mom and my pets and familiarity but I don’t think I’ll be entirely or at all choked up about the so called friends. I’m ending college the same way I ended high school. Unattached to everyone.


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