Survival On The Job Market

In a few months I’m going to graduate college which means that I have to start looking at jobs in the “real world”. The problem with this is that these jobs require 4 years in something and 10 years in something else and knowledge of this program and that program. I know that internships are basically the stepping stones for these sorts of jobs but I have no idea how to enter a job market when all the experience I have is basically everything I’ve done in college. Some people say that you just have to start with a crappy job and move on from there but the problem with that is that I really like that life I have know where I don’t have to worry about paying bills and such. I mean the life I have now is in part of the fact my mom has graciously been paying most of the bills that  I would be paying if I had my own apartment which is why I don’t want to start too low in the job market. So, I guess my question is, how can those with little to no “real world” experience get into those jobs that require just that? I would mostly like be a content strategist or social media manager because I know the type of content those people enjoy and as long as you’re an active member of social media sites it’s easy to sell an app or service. I just wish that jobs I’m looking at didn’t require so much experience because I really think I could those jobs with what I know now.


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