Looking For A Real Job

So currently I am in a situation where I’m not doing what I love but rather something that is making me money for $10 an hour and I’m dealing with shitty customers and coupons…that’s right; retail. While I’m doing this just about everyone in my group of friends is going to/ is doing amazing jobs that they love! But how does an English major who is just a junior find a job that will hire her? All the jobs I have looked at say they require a B.A which I’m currently in the middle of getting but yet to have. How does someone like myself finally get to do the job they love while getting the degree they need to do it? I’m looking at publishing companies, editing, even possibly working in theatre doing dramaturgical work. I just want to get out of retail once and for all but is this a possibility for someone who has yet to graduate college? Please tell me if you know of a way to do something besides retail while still getting a degree.


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