Summer Plans

This particular summer is going to be a fun one. I’ve got plans for June and July and some scattered plans for May and August.

In May I’m mostly just going to be doing casual hangouts with friends who haven’t left town after the semester is over. So most of the time I’ll be hanging out with Christina, Jay, and possibly Maddie. Christina, Jay, and I have plans to go to the chromatic dragon, a gamer pub in Savannah GA to celebrate the end of the semester. I’m really looking forward to this since this is the first time I’ll be able to drink there and they have fantastic drinks. Christina and I are also going to be seeing Captain America Civil War on Saturday. That’s all the concrete plans I have for May but I’m sure more will come up as the month goes on.

In June I’m going to New York with Adam and Maddie. I’ve actually planned a lot of the week out already and really the only thing left to do is plan where we are going to eat but NYC is full of eating possibilities so I doubt we’ll have a problem with that but even so if you know of any good restaurants let me know and I’ll check them out 😀

In July I’m going to Disney World with my family. I’m sort of excited about it and only sort of because I’ll be going with my cousins whom I’m not too fond of and my niece and nephew who are barely potty trained.

In August my friend Christina is turning 21 and so we’ll probably be doing something for her birthday and Adam is coming down with his family so we’ll probably hangout with him at some point.

So yeah that’s my summer this year. Let me know what your summer plans are and or what restaurants to eat at in NYC. Have a great day!




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