The End of A Year

This month will mark the end of my sophomore year with not so great grades and an angry mother. I took five classes this spring semester as I do every semester and they ate me whole and spit me out with average grades for my average work. In most cases it was mostly my fault. I didn’t do the amount of work I should have for these classes that would have resulted in me getting an A and so I can’t really blame anyone, however, I’m going to blame people. Now I know I know it’s up to me whether or not I pass a class but let me tell you this shitstorm of a semester I had.

So as I stated before I took five classes this semester. This classes included; Brit Lit 1, American Lit, Philosophy, Intermediate Acting, and Anthropology. American Lit and Intermediate acting were pieces of sweet lemon pie. I pass one with an A and the other with a B, the other three though…not so much. So let’s go through and pinpoint when I first messed up.

Brit Lit 1

This class include Milton, Shakespeare, Chaucer, etc. So we read stuff like Dream of the Rood, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, and Paradise Lost. Hard texts yes but I managed to get through them and then comes the midterm. I didn’t do so well. It killed my grade. I didn’t do two online writing assignments and the final research paper. THIS HOWEVER I ACKNOWLEDGE TO BE ALL ON ME. COMPLETELY MY FAULT. I take the blame for failing the class though I do think the percentage on certain things should not be as high as they were.


This glorious class that I took for a Gen Ed which turned out to be a huge mistake because not only have I done poorly and will most likely pass with a C (C get degrees though) I also skipped class often and my professor was also out a lot of the semester.

And Final, Philosophy

I’d like to first say that my professor is 80 years old and we had no text book. Our required readings could be anywhere from 3 to 56 pages long, the lectures are a waste of time, and the slides are lacking in information. That’s all I’m going to say about this class.

I know I’m the one to blame for my bad grades but some of these classes mostly philosophy though were extremely hard. But yeah, that’s my end of sophomore year. I fucked up and I know.


2 thoughts on “The End of A Year

    1. Thanks Gabe! I’ve literally never had this much trouble with an English class but I really think it has to do with the texts we read and not being use to it and the biblical allusions threw me off as well.


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